List of essentials


List of essentials

3 pairs of wool socks and 3 sock liners
2 tee-shirts. 1 light dress.
1 pr pants + 1 pr shorts
1 long sleeve top/light jumper for cooler mornings. 1 pr of comfy pants & top to sleep in and have dinner in after a shower and a hair wash.
3 pr underwear + 1 bra
Medication pack: Blister bandaids, Nurofen plus, Prescription medications. 2 large bobby pins. Small tube of face cream. Betadine gargle. 2 x Frequent Flyer multivitamins (essential Mel). Ear plugs. Small container locked plastic bags x 6 (for food). Toothbrush. Toothpaste. Soap for washing. Small hairbrush. Small shampoo/conditioner.
1 lightweight sleeping bag/sleeping sheet. Alberque have blankets. Pillow case.
1 microfiber towel. 1 face washer
1 pair sandals, 1 pair walking boots or shoes
1 hat
1 scarf, nice one, to drape and cover upper body

6 safety pins , sink plug for laundry cleaning.

and a Kathmandu Long line rain jacket


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