For women, getting older is an enlightening experience. For the first time in a women’s life she is able to think and feel herself. Gone are the days of caring for others. Some women mourn this. Some women see this time in their lives as the end. I dont. I see this time as a job well done and a time to feel my body, to think about the past and look forward to the adventures of the future. But in taking on those adventures of the future, older women need to consider their bodies. Their stamina. Their mental health. And whether these well earned adventures are achievable. Hence my blog. My Camino de Santiago blog. Why am i doing the Camino de Santiago? I dont know yet. But i just feel compelled to do it. I want to do it. I am 56 years old. A Registered Nurse working on the Gold Coast. Not particularly financially stable. Not the healthiest. A little socially isolative of my own chosing. But this trek. This walk. This endurance test. I want to do it.And so this blog begins.