And my camino is a go!

After two years of pondering the Camino de Santiago, The Camino Frances and researching and reading everything i can find on the Camino it looks like it is a go for September 2018.

I am nervous , exhilerated , nervous again but extremely grateful and excited.

I’m 58 years old. I’m no spring chicken. I’m becoming an old chook. But to finally do this. At my age. I’m a lucky girl.

Blast off from Brisbane international airport will be the ominous date of September the 11th. Flying Qantas to Perth and then on the 787 from Perth to London. A 17 hour flight. Initially was straight to Madrid. But i am detouring to see old Hong Kong pals from KGV on the Isle of Man. Viking territory. And everyone knows i love Vikings. My grandfather was Swedish. So off to the Isle of Man i go._76306921_76303648


Alberque. West of Leon

Alberque between Ponferrada and Lugo. West of Leon



Recommended alberque West of Leon.

I havent been on this blog for nearly a year. I’m sitting here trying to think of why that is so. There is no doubt that i contemplate the Camino every day since last year. I follow multiple Facebook groups who’s members tell of their trials and jubilations , daily.  The Camino is calling me. Its not far away for me. But Burgos is my starting point. That decision i have made.