How to sleep comfortably in an alberque

How does a 56 year old stay comfortable in a dormitory in an alberque. I think I have found the answer with the Coolmax bed sheet…


Vaseline and App

Been an organised human being i afford myself weeks or even months of research before undertaking a task. And this camino is no different.

Vaseline. And liberally. Every morning routine of rubbing vaseline into my feet under my socks before the days 10 kilometre walk.

And the app. The “Camino Frances – A wise pilgrim guide”.

List of essentials


List of essentials

3 pairs of wool socks and 3 sock liners
2 tee-shirts (long to cover ass). 1 light dress ?
1 pr pants + 1 pr capri leggings (to sleep in and to have dinner in) + 1 pr shorts/skort
1 long sleeve top/light jumper for cooler mornings.

Long sleeved Merino half zip top

3 pr underwear + 1 bra (soft , no wire)
Medication pack: Blister bandaids, Nurofen plus, Prescription medications. 2 large bobby pins. Small tube of face cream. Betadine gargle. 2 x Frequent Flyer multivitamins (essential Mel). Ear plugs. Small container locked plastic bags x 6 (for food). Toothbrush. Toothpaste. Soap for washing clothes and body. Small hairbrush. Small shampoo/conditioner.
1 lightweight sleeping bag/sleeping sheet. Alberque have blankets. Pillow case.
1 microfiber towel. 1 face washer
1 pair sandals, 1 pair walking boots or shoes
1 hat
1 scarf, nice one, to drape and cover upper body

6 safety pins , sink plug for laundry cleaning.

iPhone and power pack.

and a Kathmandu Long line rain jacket