The Byron Hotel, Bayswater, London



The Byron Hotel, Bayswater, London. My base in London.

Arrive QF1 13/9/18 , shuttle to The Byron, staying till the 15th September. 14th September i am going to walk over to Hyde Park and see the Diana Memorial again.

15-18th September – IOM on EasyJet.

18-20th September – Back at The Byron for two further nights. 19th September over to Decathalon to buy an Osprey backpack.

20th September – Fly to Madrid

20th September – Staying at the Chamartin Hotel.

21st September – Train from Madrid to Burgos

21st September – Staying at the Hotel Norte y Londres, near Burgos Rail station and the mighty Burgos Cathedral

22nd September – I start my 445 kilometres Camino from Burgos to Santiago de Compostella. With a backpack of shorts, black capri leggins, hiking long pants, two shirts, long sleeved merino top, wind proof/water proof jacket. Rain poncho, thongs and/or sandals, two pairs of underwear, two bras, two pairs of toe socks. My medication pack of analgesia, Mg tablets, Frequent flyer vitamin tablets, compeels, vaseline, my BP meds, my perimenopausal meds, small toothpaste, small toothbrush, two large bobby pins, carabinas, small wet ones, ear plugs and eye mask.  Quick drying towel, nice scarf for the Churches and Masses, a Buff for my hair, small brush, small combination shampoo/conditioner, a small mirror, multipurpose soap, and small clothes line. Soft sleeping bag. iPhone, charger, powerbank and finally head torch.

And in the middle of this adventure of mine is this new man. How inconvenient. So Alex Jansen a Dutch engineer pops up in my life 2 months ago. He is currently in the middle of the Black Sea doing engineering stuff. But he wants to fit into the above somewhere. Sometime. Somehow. Ah the universe. The cosmos is constantly changing. And we are mere molecules moving around in those gases.


And my camino is a go!

After two years of pondering the Camino de Santiago, The Camino Frances and researching and reading everything i can find on the Camino it looks like it is a go for September 2018.

I am nervous , exhilerated , nervous again but extremely grateful and excited.

I’m 58 years old. I’m no spring chicken. I’m becoming an old chook. But to finally do this. At my age. I’m a lucky girl.

Blast off from Brisbane international airport will be the 12th September to London on QF51, my beloved Qantas and a quick transfer to QF1 a380 in Singapore. I am a loyal Qantas customer.  Initially was straight to Madrid. But i am detouring to see old Hong Kong pals, Mandy and Bridge from KGV on the Isle of Man. Viking territory. And everyone knows i love Vikings. My grandfather was Swedish. So off to the Isle of Man i go._76306921_76303648

Alberque. West of Leon

Alberque between Ponferrada and Lugo. West of Leon



Recommended alberque West of Leon.

I havent been on this blog for nearly a year. I’m sitting here trying to think of why that is so. There is no doubt that i contemplate the Camino every day since last year. I follow multiple Facebook groups who’s members tell of their trials and jubilations , daily.  The Camino is calling me. Its not far away for me. But Burgos is my starting point. That decision i have made.